Difference between Muffin Top, Love Handles, and Tummy Pooch and Their Dressing

Difference between muffin top, love handles, and tummy pooch and their dressing

All the above conditions are caused by accumulation of excess fats in the body, but they have different meanings and the dressing to improve their shape is slightly different.

  • Muffin top – This term is used to describe someone who has overhanging skin around the waistline. The surface is formed by excess fats that the body is unable to digest over some time. This expression results from the likeness of the appearance with that of the top of the muffin falling over the paper cup used to bake muffins.

A hormonal change, especially in the levels of estrogen, is the leading cause of formation of muffin top. It makes the body store fats around the waist area. Aging also causes this condition because the body loses muscle mass hence it is not in a position to metabolize calories efficiently. Physical activity and proper diet is the only long term way to get rid of lumps, but for that special day quick fix, you need body shaper that slims the waist line. The best undergarment for muffin top rolls up the fat around this area, giving you a sexier curve.

Illustration of emergence of a muffin top when the woman does not wear the best shapewear for muffin top

  • Love handles – They are formed explicitly on the sides below the waistline and are as a result of skin extending from the hips. Most people find this term less offensive compared to the other two because the name suggests that you can hold them to pull your partner closer for you to kiss them.

Factors that contribute to the formation of love handles include lack of physical activity, age (as you get older), consuming foods that have high amounts of calories and sugar, sleep deprivation, hormones (too much cortisol), and untreated conditions that lowers the body’s metabolism.

A woman with love handles due to excessive body fat buildup

  • Tummy pooch – On the other hand, this word is used to describe a person with a protruding stomach. This condition can be caused by four main reasons. The first cause is accumulation of excess belly fat. Another reason that can result to tummy pooch is bloating due to consumption of high processed foods, artificial sweeteners that are high in sodium, allergens, and lactose found in dairy products and gluten products.

Water retention caused by hormones and extra skin when you lose weight drastically can also cause tummy pooch. The best shapewear for love handles and belly pooch should rise up above the belly button in order smoothen out the mid-section.

A tummy pooch

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